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EMPTY Airless Pump Bottles

EMPTY Airless Pump Bottles

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We offer Airless Pump Bottles for your own use with our Organic Foundation or Face Primer.

Airless Bottles do not have a straw like a traditional bottle.

  • To Use: Fill your bottle with foundation, primer or other thin lotion.
  • Fill it just to the brim allow enough space for the small suction pump to fit inside. 
  • If you only fill bottles half way, you will need to keep pumping until all the air inside is removed

Once its been filled, It's best not to open the caps at all and allow the product to be drawn up with suction.

  • Airless Pump bottles are designed without straws.
  • This helps keep your product fresher longer, increasing the shelf-life.
  • It also helps to prevent oxidation of cosmetics and the growth of bacteria.
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